Occupational therapy for Youth

The Youth team at OKAY Therapy provide a range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of your young person as well as your family.  We are focused towards enhancing the health and well-being of people and increasing levels of participation and independence during daily activities.

At OKAY Therapy we strive towards working closely with you and your teenager to ensure our therapy service and interventions are incorporated into daily activities. We provide personalised assessment, therapy and expert advice to address the following;

  • Increasing independence with self care activities (e.g. eating, toileting, sleeping and dressing)
  • Therapy support to enhance emotional regulation, attention, concentration and sensory processing across both the home and educational setting
  • Developing social skills and interpersonal interactions
  • Enhancing fine motor skills, strength and coordination (e.g. handwriting, typing)
  • Developing independent living skills (e.g. shopping, budgeting, transportation, and cooking)
  • Modifying or adapting the environment to improve day to day tasks.