Occupational therapy for kids

The Kids team at OKAY Therapy endeavour to empower your child and your family to work towards better relationships and improved participation in daily tasks. We investigate, explore and develop strategies that are suited to your child and your family.

At OKAY Therapy we work with you to improve your ability and confidence to assist your child’s development in the home, school and community settings. We provide personalised assessment, therapy and advice to address the following:

  • Improving social connections and social skills
  • Managing and regulating emotions and behaviours
  • Improving your child’s ability to concentrate and participate at school and at home
  • Understanding your child’s sensory world and explore recommendations to meet the family’s needs
  • Improving your child’s ability to transition from one environment or task to the next
  • Developing routines and enhancing independence with personal care tasks (toileting, dressing, morning routine, evening routine)
  • Enhancing fine motor skills, strength and coordination (e.g. handwriting, dressing, shoelaces).