Occupational therapy for ADULTS

The Adults team at OKAY Therapy assist individuals at home and in the community. We promote independence for people who are experiencing difficulty when participating in daily activities, issues with safety at home or difficulty getting out and about in the community. We work with people who experience mental health concerns, physical health concerns and developmental concerns.

We provide an outcome based service to achieve goals that are meaningful to each person. We assess people in their home environment and local community to improve and maintain participation in meaningful activities. We provide personalised assessment, therapy and expert advice to address the following:

  • Functional assessment of daily tasks and interventions to improve independence with living skills in the home and the community
  • Improve one’s ability to regulate emotions and behaviours
  • Increase awareness of one’s sensory world and provide recommendations accordingly
  • Home safety assessments
  • Prescription of equipment to improve participation in activities of daily living
  • Prescription of home modifications to promote independent and safety.